Endless Parade of Excellence

Sunday, November 30, 2003
If you were framing these, would you use acid-free matte board?
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"The next day when we woke up we both felt very wierd, i dont think that ive came down all the way, although i do. But i dont think i'll ever totally come back to reality."

Just say no to Vicks44 and paint, kids...
(thanks, GVB!)

Today is the day that Joey Ramone Place is being dedicated! Hey! Ho!

Today is the first anniversary of Endless Parade of Excellence! A whole year of trivial crap, and I don't think I ever posted anything twice! Thanks to you, the readers-your comments and praise (and weird-ass links, of course) keep it going.

Friday, November 28, 2003
It says right on the Q-tip box that you can use them for art.

Thursday, November 27, 2003
Radioactive stuff, razor blades,and lightning! This looks like a fun experiment. Oh, and by the way, you have to climb up on your roof. In a lightning storm. Please be careful.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Electroplated lizards, the "Sweat of the Devil", pierced rabbits, the "Tiger of Chemistry",and more!
Don't come crying to me if you actually try any of this stuff.

Sunday, November 23, 2003
More fun than cracking open a smoke detector or licking a radium clock, it's the Health Physics Instrumentation Museum!

People keep asking me about analog computers. Here's an
Analog Computer Museum with some very cool stuff. Don't miss the Librascope! Is that pile of linkages a "before" or an "after" shot?

Friday, November 21, 2003
Holy rocket pr0n batman! A megadose of space art in children's books!
When I was in elementary school, I checked this out a couple hundred times. They should have just given it to me.
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Monday, November 17, 2003
Even if I can't get my hands on some potassium dichromate, I plan to walk around saying "Mercury Beating Heart" all day. You wouldn't be needing that thermostat now, would you? Thanks.

Sunday, November 16, 2003
Roger. Can you turn your wobulator
on now and leave it on?
Roger. It has been on, and I haven't touched it.
Roger. Understand.
Do you want it off?

Friday, November 14, 2003
Derrida, pom-poms and off-sales: what else but Meta-Parade at the Grey Cup

This sort of thing is why we need the internet.

Monday, November 10, 2003
"After the students attach a black plastic crucifix, they pray that the rosaries will never have to be used in or near combat."

Much safer than these, which could betray your position to the enemy.

Update: Why should the Christians have all the fun with glow-in-the-dark stuff?

Friday, November 07, 2003
I can understand VW, but c'mon-lexus? You take that, you deserve a bad trip.
Lots of nicer looking pills...
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Yikes. Don't say you weren't warned.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Synchroballistic photos of skateboarders. Finally, a use for the kickflip!
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When I was a little kid, the wattmeter on the back of our house was a mystical object, second only perhaps, to our grandmother's cuckoo clock. Pretty soon these things are going to be all digital, if they aren't already. Nerdy kids will have to obsess about something else, I guess.
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Oh man, I think Thomas Ray is my new favorite author:

once apon a time there was

a girl on a island.

she wose stock. there was water al around.

then sodnly a canoe came to save the girl.

in the newspapir it sed

girl stock on isalnd.

"Far away in a foggy place called Dangor livved a squrell. And it's that squirell that is going to tell us the story of the gras in Dangorgor. "

This is very cool. I love the aesthetics of the vinyl sampling and sequencing station.
Everything should look like that.

Monday, November 03, 2003
I promised a bunch of you that I'd tell you where to get your own Mexican Wrestling Mask.